My 14 year old daughter dances up to 15 hours a week which includes representing her country with Team GB in the England tap team. We first noticed her gait had changed aged 11 and she was complaining of pains in her knees. We took her to a podiatrist who fitted off the shelf insoles. She suffered for the next 3 years with the same advice until we were advised she was possibly suffering from juvenile arthritis.

This is when we made an appointment with Bath Podiatry Services and we are so grateful we did. After a full and thorough assessment she was fitted with made to measure insoles for her day shoes and importantly her dance shoes. She was given excellent advice on strengthening exercises which have seen her pain disappear, gait and foot placement improve with a follow up appointment to ensure my daughter was making good progress.

Laura O’Gara

We have been receiving treatment from Nicola Jane for sometime now , she not only provides a professional service but a kind, caring and friendly one too. She will immediately put you at ease whilst having a sometimes uncomfortable treatment. Her bubbly personality means we look forwards to seeing her each week. I would strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Layla Lebaqa

Nicola Jane has provided Jacqueline and myself with chiropody for over a year now. We have found her services to be highly professional and administered with thoroughness and care. Her overall  knowledge of podiatry is excellent. She has good interpersonal skills .

We would have no hesitation in recommending her for all manner of podiatry

Peter and Jacqueline

I can not recommend Nicola Jane Sheringham-Smith highly enough. She is an excellent podiatrist who offers an at-home service. I need to add that having battled toenail fungus for 30 years of professional advice and many products, Nicola-Jane’s clear and simple self-care regime actually cured it!

Dr Karen John of Bath

Nicola Jane is far and away the best chiropodist I have ever had. Her highly developed practical skills supported by her in depth knowledge and wide experience mean she can tackle foot problems that other practitioners might avoid. Also she is extremely entertaining which distracts from any discomfort one might feel, although she remains professional at all times. I recommend her without hesitation.

Dr Jane Shaw, Lambridge, Bath

Would strongly recommend this friendly, efficient and reliable service to anyone needing to sort out an emergency nail problem in a hurry. No intrusive procedures used and much less pain than expected.

Steph- Saltford